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The Circular Head Education and Training Consultative Committee (CHETCC) partnership was originally formed in 1999 as a direct consequence of the State and Local Government Partnership Agreements (LGPA) program. In December 2005 Council resolved to endorse the CHETCC as a Special Committee of Council.

The Committee is chaired by the Deputy Mayor and comprises representatives from education and training providers as well as business, industry and community. Its purpose is to help the people of Circular Head to develop and maintain a community culture that values lifelong education and training, both formal and informal.

CHETCC has identified that there are issues in the community with regard to the provision of workforce development and training opportunities.  The development of this web based portal seeks to address these issues through the provision of a central information point for both business and training providers.

The University of Tasmania has a long and proud history of significant engagement with the community. We seek to continue to develop and sustain meaningful partnerships that facilitate the University’s engagement with and contribution to the economic, social, cultural and intellectual life of Tasmania.

We are very pleased to support and work collaboratively with the Circular Head community on the Training Portal to connect the community with learning opportunities and pathways and to connect employers with providers of learning services.